Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hi JK parents!

We will have a (very casual) JK Breakfast on Tuesday, June 4th from 8:30-9:30 am in the JK classroom.  We have been working on a slide show for you to see photos from the year.  The children will have portfolios to share with you too.  We might even sing a few songs!  Please let me know if you will be attending.

The Spring Sing was a big success and I was so excited to see them all perform so well!  They love music class and sang so joyfully.

This week we are talking about everything we have been learning all year to be "Kindergarten Ready".

Each child chose two cards with summer time words on them to use in a paragraph while writing a journal page.  I loved hearing about the fish who found sunglasses!  Their minds are so creative, and it's so fun to provide them with a beginning and see where they go with it!

We played letter bingo with Zoo Phonics and practiced writing in our word books.

We are working on the scaling of our letters and making sure our upper case letters are bigger than our lower case letters.  We are working on spacing and always beginning at the top.  Please practice the correct letter and number formation this summer so when starting Kindergarten the good habit will carry over.

Math & Science:
We played a game to increase number awareness while working on our fine motor skills.  Each child drew a cone with a number and then used patterns to count scoops of ice cream to line up on top using pom pons.

We played a few different math games this week.  We made pattern ice cream cones while counting teen numbers.

We are making observations of our bean plants we planted in the Roycemore garden.  The children are excited to see our sprouts grow into big plants.

Fine Motor:
We are working on finishing our portfolios to give to parents at our JK breakfast the last week of school   The breakfast will be from 8:30-9:30 am.  We will have some breakfast items and juice and coffee, along with a slide show presentation.  The children will sing a few songs for you too!

We made rainbow pictures and talked about the science behind the colors in rainbows.  We used pastels on black paper.

Next Wednesday will be our last day of school, where you will drop off and we will load busses to Sunset Park at 10 am. You are welcome to meet us there and take your children home with you after we have lunch.  We will have regular dismissal if they would like to ride the bus back to school.

Have a great week!

Ms. Massey

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hi JK parents!

We are learning about manners and have been practicing good manners all week!  We are learning how to properly set a table, and that the first thing you do when you sit down to eat is put your napkin in your lap.  We split up into teams and had a table setting contest.  So impressive.  We learned about how to not touch things when visiting someone's house, unless it's toys or something you have been given to play with.  We learned to let our friends go first when we come to a doorway at the same time.  We also learned to cover our mouths when we yawn.  I am quite sure these amazing children could teach many adults some lovely manners!  :)  I know they teach me something everyday.

Reading groups are concentrating on different blends and letter sounds that are different than the first sounds we learned.  We made class charts of the letters at beginning of words that sound like the first sound we learned and then made an exceptions list.  Learning the different strategies and using them as we decode will continue to be our focus to the end of the year.  We are doing many activities to better prepare them for beginning their Kindergarten year in the fall!

J is for Jump Rope!

Math & Science:

We are excited to observe the Pre-K butterflies, who have just left their Chrysalis and are ready to fly!  We are noticing many things in nature that are further signs of spring.

We joined Ms. Bixby and planted our classroom bean plants in the Roycemore garden.  She educated the children on composting (which we are now doing as part of our daily recycling at lunch time) and about the hay bales and how they have become an efficient way to grow plants in a limited space-offering protection from ground level planting.  We helped weed and learned to pull from the roots to properly get the entire plant.

We measured liquids and dry ingredients, and compared less and more as we baked bread.  We talked about the proper way to determine if the ingredients are at the correct line and which numbers to look for.  We also talked about halves and whole.

Kindness Day!
We have been talking about different ways to show kindness and the children have come up with some great ideas.  They have been making cards for their friends, sharing their markers and toys, offering to let friends go first, asking a friend to join them if they are sitting on the bench outside, helping a friend clean up their supplies, gently reminding a friend who might be doing something they shouldn't, and in general being more patient when sitting close to friends, if they accidentally touch or lean against us.

Fine Motor:
We are coloring place settings and learning all of the different utensils.  We are using patterns and measuring distances so we know where to place the utensils.  We are also talking about left and right when placing the spoon, knife, salad fork and dinner fork.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Massey

Friday, May 10, 2019

Hi JK parents!

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful group of mothers!  You are all doing an amazing job with these fabulous, kind, intelligent, hilarious little beings!  Lila and I will be spending Mother's Day with good friends and their children, celebrating getting through another year of parenting!  :)

We are learning more about insects and have loved discovering the similarities and differences between multiple insects.

Dr. Glader read The Fantastic, Elastic Brain.  She taught us how to use our brains to do things even better as we get bigger!  She explained that the children in JK all have 5 more magic years of the first 10 years of life-the most amazing growth period where you will actually have long term memory.  When you make mistakes your brain is stretching the most.  You can stretch the part of your brain that controls your feelings too!

We played games finding the beginning and ending sounds of words.  In reading groups we hunted for letters, letter sounds, popcorn words, and used "flippy dolphin" when decoding words to use the other sound when the first vowel sound doesn't make sense.   We continued putting letters in "word jail" when the letter made a different sound than what we had learned.  We have been practicing our rhyming words and compound words too, clapping out syllables.

Math & Science:
We continue to learn about the behaviors of bees, and how they communicate with each other.  We practiced our 3D shapes, and practiced saying "sphere".  We also practiced counting to 100 and by 10's and 5's.  We are using story problems to add and subtract.  The children love stories about themselves to hold their attention!  

We potted flowers and made handprints on them for Mother's Day!  The children also made cards for their moms and colored pictures on their questionnaire's.  

We had a visitor Bee Keeper, Mr. Bailey's cousin.  (Ahem, it might have been Mr. Bailey dressed up in a bee keepers suit, but we will never know!)  I picked up a honey comb and all of the tools necessary to keep bees from a Bee Keeper last night, and brought them to class to share.  The place I picked everything up has a backyard farm with chickens, goats, ducks, and of course bees!  The children were able to try on the suit and see the smoker, a honeycomb and the brush and trays.  

 The goats were head butting me, but were as friendly and sweet as can be!  

Snack time outside!!
Fine Motor:
We finished our self portraits for May, our last one of the year.  We made honey combs by cutting out hexagons and glueing them carefully together.  The children all added their own bees to their honey combs and then wrote buzzzzz or other bee related words.  

Social Emotional:
We made our compliment circle and took turns giving our classmates compliments.  We have been role playing each day with different scenarios to help with finding the right way to communicate with friends and schoolmates.  

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Massey