Friday, October 4, 2019

Hi JK parents!

We are so excited to celebrate fall and all of the fun we are planning!  We went on a scavenger hunt to find things that happen or that we see in the fall, like orange and red leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, bare trees, and chestnuts.

Fine Motor:
We made a collage by cutting out items from our scavenger hunt and gluing them on paper.  We practiced our letter formation by writing some of the words too.

We made farm scenes with animal stickers and "hay".  It's fun to see how different their creations are with the same exact materials available.

Math & Science:
We are playing a "Roll and Stamp" game in our Math Center, as we roll dice and count the dots, and then find it on a barn and stamp it.

We made bird feeders as we discussed what birds do when the weather gets colder, and how they migrate to find food and stay warm.   Some birds do not migrate so are happy to find a bird feeder in the fall and winter!  Some children tried tasking a sunflower seed.  I told them it's like a chocolate brownie to a bird.  They didn't really believe me.  :) .

We are writing the letter "Dd" and learning how to tell a "d" from a "b"!

We matched upper to lower case letters, helping the pigs find the mud with the matching letter. 

We wrote We decorated cards for Ms. Yonan's birthday and wrote special messages along with "Happy Birthday" as we colored her pictures and added stickers.

The children are signing their names each day as we practice our letter formation.  Tracing first helps remind them of the letters and scale so their writing is smaller.  Children will fill an entire page with one letter at this stage.  We will work on scale throughout the year and making our letters and words smaller to fit together on lines.  Most all of the children are still working on their tripod grip.  We practice "pinching" the fat pencils and markers to hold them correctly. 

We had fun with our third grade reading buddies and were interviewed by them to learn more about each other.  It's such a special time to share with our older friends!
We had an all school photo taken by a drone outside.  They loved seeing the drone flying around, although it was difficult for them to visualize what the photo will look like from above.  It's fun to talk about different perspectives with them.

Everyone practiced counting in French and sang numbers as they marched and moved around the room.  They are all learning to count to ten, colors, family members, weather, etc.  We love the full emersion as the dialect becomes more familiar.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Massey

Friday, September 27, 2019

Hi JK parents and friends!

We are finishing up Apples and moving on to Farm/Farm Animals and Fall.

We have been reaching inside our mystery box to find items that begin with the letter "Cc".  It's one of the letters we sometimes have to put into "letter jail" since it sometimes makes the "Ss" sound!

Math & Science:
We played number bingo and practiced recognition and writing each number on our paper as it was called.  We are practicing round robin counting in our circle in the morning.  Beginning counting with your children at the number 11 is most helpful since all of the children know 1-10.  Start with 11 each time you count and they'll all begin learning those as well as the lower numbers.  Most important, is learning the one-to-one correspondence.  The sing song of memorizing the numbers is not as useful at this age as using manipulatives to match each number with an item as you move it and count.  Use Cheerios, beans, blocks, anything, to make it more interesting and help with their understanding of numbers and what "13" really means. 

We are talking about the changing of the season from Summer to Autumn and all that means to our outside world.  We are discussing signs of fall and how that fits into the entire life cycle of the apple tree.

We practiced human patterns again, having the children guess and complete patterns.

We learned how to milk a cow from our Dairy Farm video.  Two children led us around the farm and introduced us to Holstein Cows and many interesting facts about a dairy farm!  We simulated milking a cow with rubber gloves and "milk" (diluted paint).  Ask the children about cows and see if they can remember how to milk one!  Don't squirt any in your eye! 

We began our Handwriting Without Tears" sign in this week, where we work with each child one-on-one to  practice correct letter formation.  We are beginning with tracing each letter as we move away from all caps to just the first letter being capitalized.  If your child's name contains a Y or a G or any of the other "Worm Letters" (since they are underground or under the base line) we are practicing this as they are the most difficult to master.

We are discussing how we read together and underline each word with our "monster" or "witch" finger as we follow words through each sentence.  We are practicing writing our letter "Cc".

Fine Motor:
The children have been painting with paint pens, and are making October calendars.  They have been glueing, cutting, coloring, painting, and writing Halloween and October words, and using stencils to trace scary characters. 

Gross Motor:
We jumped on our mini trampoline as we practiced counting.  It's nice to begin our day with an activity that engages them with their teachers and friends.  They love counting for each jumper! 

We are losing the yard sign contest, so if you haven't picked up your yard/window sign and taken a photo to send in, please pick it up outside the Pre-K room and take it home.  We don't have ANY submissions yet and we could totally win if everyone takes a pic of their sign displayed!  Don't forget to grab it when you pick up or drop off! 

Have a wonderful long weekend!  See you all Tuesday.

Ms. Massey