Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hi JK parents!

We are still going strong with Dr. Seuss leading the way!  We will transition over to St. Patrick's Day this week, and then get ready for our last week before spring break.

Our third grade reading buddies came to read with us.  The children loved spending time with their older friends, making pictures and just hanging out.  We are working on more of our blends and popcorn words in reading groups, along with letter sounds from the vowels as we practice both the long and short vowels.

 We all practiced cracking eggs!

We made green eggs and ham and watched the video Green Eggs and Ham with the Kindergarten class.  We also read the story in our classroom.  We love to cook in JK!

 We had an amazing parent photograph all of the children!  

 Julia is doing her P3 project in JK, and she helped the children engineer and complete our leprechaun trap!

Fine Motor:
We began our week by decorating Gertrude McFuzz with feathers and labeling words from the story.  We also discussed "How much is too much?".  Gertrude eats so many berries to grow beautiful feathers that she can no longer fly!  They each talked about how many berries they would eat, and how beautiful we are all with different beautiful "things" (some inside and some outside). 

We decorated shamrocks and made rainbow water color paintings with coffee filters.  We talked about the color wheel and which primary colors combine to make other colors.

The Lorax puppet show!  

Math & Science & Engineering):
We are working on white boards and lined writing paper to practice writing our numbers using all sorts of different supplies!  We are combining sets of objects to create a larger set.  We are ordering things from smallest to largest.

K-class visit to celebrate Green Eggs and Ham!

Julia, our older friend, helped the children engineer our leprechaun trap.  The pulley used a cup which when raised lowered a shade to trap the little guy.  The children decorated the trap to look like a house!

We recounted as a class and around our circle to 100, along with grouping and counting our 100 day items by 10's.  Each child presented again their project (if they haven't already taken home) and we all loved hearing about who helped them put it together and helped them count out 100!

We are in the process of making crystals on shamrocks, and have talked about the way the crystals form much like a snowflake.

We also tested a chemical reaction using vinegar (our acid) and a base of baking soda.  We exploded a magical pot of Leprechaun soup, full of green and gold glitter.  We talked about chemicals and the reactions by combining two different substances.

The children danced to Irish music and loved it!  They learned about St. Patrick's Day and some of the traditions.

Have a lovely St. Patrick's Day weekend!  If you are at the downtown (Chicago) or North Side parades, look for me (and Lila) with the Trinity Irish Dancers!

Ms. Massey

Friday, March 8, 2019

Hi JK parents!

We are loving Dr. Seuss, and have read Wacky Wednesday, Mulberry Street,  The Lorax, One Fish Two Fish, The King's Stilts (one of my very favorites!), and many other stories.

 Left hand, right hand, let's make our fish!  
 Letter writing both upper and lower case letters as we sing and say our Zoo Phonics letters each day!
 Practicing writing sight words!  

 Taking picture walks, telling stories based on pictures, retelling stories, searching for letters and words...these are all amazing ways to increase literacy and reading comprehension.
 It's always challenging trying new words but Ms. Yonan is a master at walking the children through their worries and encouraging their efforts regardless of the outcome.
 Ms. Charlene is a gem and makes our lunches each day!  We love her!  The JK children made her a card and delivered it.  They sang Happy Birthday and gave her lots of hugs.  They love making everyone's day a little brighter.

We are reading our letter books, high frequency word books and Bob Books.  We have practiced our whole group rhyming and taking turns writing a letter to create a new rhyming word on the white board.  We are also working on "reading" our message as we find each word by it's beginning letter and letter sound.

We read Horton Hears a Who and talked about what our speck was saying to us.  We made clovers with specks and had snack with them.  We love reciting that, "A person's a person no matter how small!".

We read The King's Stilts and practiced our stilt walking!  

We are practicing our sight words or popcorn words.  We play a popping game as we spell out each word.  It's a fun way to learn each of these words that are  not easy to decode and require memorizing.

Math & Science:
We are matching Dr. Seuss cards as we play a memory game.  We are counting pairs of cards and comparing to our classmates.  We are also engineering a Leprechaun trap for next week!  We are discussing the size and mechanics of our trap and gathering the materials.

The Queens and Kings of stilt walking!

Fine Motor:
The children made fish handprints for One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and wrote out the rhyme using their finger spacing and lower case letters.

We practiced our cutting skills, while helping the cat reach his hat, and a couple of other Dr. Seuss characters make it across the page while curving and zig-zagging!  We also cut out green eggs and ham pictures! 

We read The Lorax and made our own Lorax figures the children used to present a puppet show.  We wrote a story as a class about the Lorax and what might have happened if the Lorax had stopped the man from cutting down all of the Truffala Trees.  We talked about the earth and what we can do to help the water and land not become dirty or "smeary" as the pond in the story.

We have early dismissal on Friday at 11:30 am.  If your child would like to stay for EDP please be sure to sign up on line.  I will not be here but Ms. Yonan will.  Our Palio will be the following week, Wednesday, March 20th.  I'll send out more specifics next week in case you would like to attend.  The children show you all they have been working on this year in P.E., by demonstrating at centers in the gym set up like an obstacle course.  You are welcome to come watch and take pictures.  It's a casual performance and fun for them to have their parents there cheering them on! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Massey