Friday, October 15, 2021

Hi JK Parents!

JK is learning all about Bats as well as wheels and axels (simple machines) this week!  
Dr. Fateh, our class Pediatrician


We read the beloved story, Stella Luna, and learned many bat facts.  Stella Luna is a fruit bat and didn't like having to eat bugs like the baby birds.  She had many adventures trying to act like a bird.  We practiced writing descriptive words about bats and read many books both fiction and non-fiction.  Ask your children to talk to you about how bats find their way using sound waves and what it's called!  

We practiced writing Ff's and finding things that begin with the letter Ff.  

We are working on compound words, beginning sounds and ending sounds, along with rhyming words in text as we read.  

We read Purplicious and then replicated the mixing of blue and pink to paint purple pictures!  

We played Sequence, a board game, with letter and letter sounds.  The kids love trying to get their four chips in a row.  

Math & Science:

We continued our study of simple machines and built our cars from tp and paper towel rolls.  We learned about the axel that connects the wheels together, and that rotation means,  "When something spins in a complete circle".  

We made a classroom chart of everything with wheels, and talked about what wheels help us with.  They reduce friction and lessen resistance.  We tried moving a heavy object without wheels and then tried it again using a scooter with wheels.    

We compared and contrasted birds and bats and completed a VENN Diagram.  We looked at the skeletons of different animals and guessed which they were.  

We used a ball and bounced it off the wall, noting the time it took grew shorter and shorter the closer we got to the wall...just as the sound waves bats use called "Echolocation"!  

Fine Motor:

In Art class with Ms. Lorenz, the bunnies worked on ripping paper to build an apple collage using fine motor skills.   

The students made bats, outlining the skeletal system, by using pastels on construction paper.  We hung the scary creations upside down in our JK Batcave, which is getting all spooky for Halloween!  

We completed a guided drawings of bats using pastels.  They are displayed outside our classroom for you to see.     

The children completed an observation drawing of a pumpkin and then personalized them, adding their features! 

Be sure to bring your $10 for our field trip next Friday if you haven't already!  

Have a fabulous fall weekend!

Ms. Massey & Mrs. DiSalle