Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Happy End of an Amazing School Year!

It has been my priveledge and honor to spend each day with your children.  I love teaching and am thankful for the opportunity to know you and these incredible kids.  They are ready to take flight and will be spectacular in Kindergarten!  We have grown as a school family this year and nurtured each other through tough times as well as wonderful times and celebrations.  

Included in the portfolios were summer learning packets with choice boards for each week of the summer.  Put these on the fridge for times when you are looking for fun activities!  And read together.  :)

Ms. Redman-Music and Mr. Turkheimer at JK Breakfast!

Please keep in touch and come visit!  They will forever be "my kids".  I am so looking forward to seeing some of you for camp!  

Have a lovely summer.  


Ms. Massey